Citadel of Praise Church International is a ‘Unique’ Place of Worship unto the Almighty God; it is a Sanctuary of Praise and a voice of change, an unparalleled vision of divine reconciliation and empowerment, transcending both cultural and denominational barriers.

We are on the Mission of saving lost souls by uniting them with God through the eternal gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, setting the captives free from the kingdoms of the dark world and bringing humanity back to the primary purpose of creation which is to worship and praise God hence the name Citadel of Praise.

This global Vision has led to the establishment of a wide network of branches and fellowship centers in many continents, changing lives, changing the nations and changing the World with a unique and timely revelation of the New Creation in Christ Jesus through the Media: Live broadcasts, Evangelism, Social Networks and ‘He Cares’ Ministry of Citadel; taking care of the poor, the needy, and the Orphans spiritually, physically and otherwise.

The Ministry will stop at nothing to ensuring that the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is preached in all the nations of the world as the lord said in Mathew 24:14.

As you worship God at Citadel, you will not only become a True Worshiper of the Most High God (John 4:23), but God’s original purpose of creating you will begin to manifest in its fullness in your life once the Spirit of God gets a hold of you. (John 10:10). And He will make this vision so real in your life to the point that you will become a living testimony. And when you examine your life, you will see too many reasons to praise God.

“As we proclaim our Lord Jesus Christ as the head of The Church and as The Manifested Word of God;”

— God’s Vision



Reverend Immanuel Chukwunonso Luke is a pace setter and as an Apostle by calling He sets the standard which other Ministers, Ministries follow. (Ministering from Malaysia, in South-East Asia to the world) his Ministry which was established by God’s direction ordinarily like any other ministry, now has a history that metamorphosed into today’s ‘Citadel of Praise Church, Worldwide’ that we celebrate around world today.

His Personal Motto ‘IT’S WELL’ is a Holy Ghost empowered Faith Declaration which carries the solution to end every oppression of the enemy in any person’s life. It has brought restoration to many destinies. And many has testified to healings, miraculous solutions and victories over many challenges of life proving the efficacy of this Word.

Through his seasonal Programs through ‘He Cares’ Ministry of Citadel (one of the ministry arms in charge of taking care of the destitute) God has used Reverend Immanuel Chukwunonso Luke to transform the lives of many people. And many testimonies come from around the globe especially from countries like Malaysia, Russia, and Nigeria respectively and many more countries.

He is a father to the fatherless, a source of hope to the hopeless, an encouragement to the devastated. And through his unadulterated teachings of God’s Word, many has been liberated from their oppressors,

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” (Psalm 150:6)

Through an anointed ministry spanning with a great presence of the Holy Trinity (God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost), Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher and Healing Minister Immanuel Chukwunonso Luke has been mightily used of God to restore many destinies through the preached Word of God Almighty. And many has been spiritual transported to the experience of a victorious and purposeful living in Christ Jesus according to the Scriptures. (John 10:10)

Reverend Immanuel Chukwunonso is happily married to Pastor Dr. Mrs. Hannah, a Medical Doctor by profession, trained in Russia, a mother, a virtuous woman, whose passion and burning desire for the gospel of Christ has resulted in unprecedented support to the husband in the expansion of Citadel of Praise Church International as a voice and a vision. They a blessed with two sons Master Joshua Onyedikachi Immanuel and Master Jonathan Chukwudumaga Chukwunonso.